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This Christmas (EP)

Jingle Bells (Single)

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Natalie Brown Jingle Bells Single Artwork
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The Relationship Odyssey

Random Thoughts

The Relationship Odyssey
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Random Thoughts
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Let The Candle Burn

Let the Candle Burn
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  • evan paul

    Another great album to your collection here Natalie, I’m talking about “The Relationship Odyssey”.  I finally got a chance to listen to the clips and I’m very impressed. It gives me a Tina Arena vibe, and that’s the greatest compliment, cause I listened to her so much in the past, she had one of my all time fave albums when she first arrived. It doesn’t get any better than what you have accomplished here, excellent songs, instrumentation, and killer vocals. I’m proud of you girl, keep on creating.

  • nataliebrownmusic

     Paul, so glad you like the new project. Tina is a fabulous artist, thanks for putting me in such esteemed company!

  • Charles Hoernemann

    Hi Nat, I discovered your music today and just HAD to buy “The Relation Odyssey” – you are not only a great singer, but also a fantastic musician/songwriter. Three in one so to speak :-) Keep up the good work, and I will share, share, share…!

  • nataliebrownmusic

    Hi Charles! Thanks so much for the kind comment, and for supporting the music. I really appreciate it. How did you find out about me, if I may ask? Thanks for sharing!!! Nat

  • Brandon Keller


  • Natalie Brown

    Hey Brandon! What do you mean what happened? It’s been 12 years since “Let the Candle Burn” was released and I’ve changed LOL! I changed from the braid hair style some years ago and I’ve released 3 albums since then. Check out my new album “The Relationship Odyssey”. Peace, Nat

  • nataliebrownmusic

    Awesome, thanks! I have a few albums that I released after the one that “In My Dreams” is from. Hope you check them out. Peace, Nat

  • Brandon Keller

    I’ll be sure to do so! KK! Thnks! 

  • Veronika Tracy-Smith

    I wanted to say what a great CD Relationship Odyssey is! I love all the levels of meaning and music. You are brilliant Natalie. I am sorry it took me so long to write about how I love your music!

  • Natalie Brown

     Thank you so much for your review! It’s great to know that you relate to what I’m writing/singing about!

  • LindaAlexander

    You continue to be an amazing artist, @nataliebrownmusic:disqus!

  • nataliebrownmusic

    Thank you so much Mamma L!

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  • richard castagnet

    delight me this music sound:it’s a beautiful day

  • reecheerd thirteen

    i’m listening i’m in order nº4 your genres remember me songs i heard before(i let to have listened so i can’t remember the titles,when i will have several of them i will send you the titles )them you have produced this songs,music to listen to dance to accompany me in some activities.

  • Natalie Brown

    Glad you like this song!

  • Natalie Brown

    So happy that you are enjoying my music :)

  • Odell Lucas

    Natalie, what happened to “If I fall” I love your voice in that ballad :o)
    yet I can’t find it anywhere except from long ago when i first herd it.

  • Natalie Brown

    Wow Odell! You must be a fan from waaaay back! That was one of my very first demos. I never did a proper recording of it and it was never released. I don’t even have an Mp3 copy of it anymore. I think it’s lost forever unless someone out there has an Mp3 of it. Where did you hear the song originally? Thanks for coming to visit. I’ve been actively releasing music all these years and hope to do it many more years to come!

  • Odell Lucas

    Actually I was listening to a piano version that I got from you waaaaay back! And like that tv show, I wondered… “Where are They Now” or in your case “where is she now” I googled you and lo and behold I found you. I’m glad you’re still using your vocal talents to create beautiful music.

    So about that version I have, I’m more than willing to get it to you if you want. As I can remember, I obtained that song some time during the late 90’s and it’s been on my old computer hard drive that I hadn’t used since 2002 when it became 5 years old and obsolete speed and memory wise. If you want to private message me on FB we can arrange to get that to you… Well it’s time to get caught up with your music on iTunes thanks for your quick reply YOU ROCK!

    P.s. Oh BTW I loved your mention of Teena Marie, she is the one I mostly compared you to during those early years.

  • Natalie Brown

    What is your Facebook link? Friend me on my personal profile and I can get you my email address: I would love to have that song. I lost a whole bunch of my old demos when I was moving around the US so much and a storage locker got flooded :( Thanks for looking me up! There is a lot of new music on this page, some of it is at iTunes and some on Bandcamp, but all the albums are listed on this page. Thanks for looking me up! BTW I actually connected with Teena before she passed away. She was so kind to me. So cool that I was able to do that, may she RIP.